Anaxee Digital Runners Featured in The Financial Express!

May 18 2024

Anaxee was recently featured in The Financial Express, a leading Indian business publication. 


This Article highlights our ambitious goal of becoming India’s largest last-mile outreach and data collection network with a network of 100,000 digital runners by 2025.


While talking to Financial Express, Our COO, Arti Agrawal, sheds light on Anaxee’s unique approach to business, and the exciting plans we have for the future.


This Article talks about: 

Anaxee’s Diverse Service Offerings: How we empower brands & businesses with market mapping, data collection, order taking, surveys, and more.


The Power of Digital Runners: How our tech-enabled Digital Runners support businesses in reaching new customers.


Bridging the Geographical Gap: Anaxee utilizes local people to overcome geographical barriers and facilitate direct customer engagement.


Strategic Partnerships: How Anaxee has collaborated with leading e-commerce companies to expand their reach.


And What’s Next For Anaxee: A glimpse into our vision of removing geographical barriers and enabling data-driven growth for businesses across India.


Stay tuned for more exciting updates from Anaxee Digital Runners. 

Meanwhile, check out the full article here!