Anaxee Electric Vehicle Survey in Rajasthan and Delhi for estimating carbon credits.

Jun 18 2024

Anaxee recently conducted a comprehensive survey on electric vehicles (EVs) in Rajasthan and Delhi. This survey focused on understanding the usage patterns and electricity consumption of EV owners who received their vehicles in subsidies. The primary aim was to gather data to help claim carbon credits, promoting eco-friendly transportation solutions.

Anaxee received a list of EV owners from the client, focusing on those who had received/purchased EVs with a subsidy. Anaxee’s backend team contacted these EV owners to know their interest and availability for the survey.

Digital Runners, local to the EV owners’ areas, were assigned the task of visiting their homes. During the visit, Digital Runners explained the survey process to them and provided an adaptor for EV charging. This adaptor was essential for collecting data on electricity consumption.

Over the next few days, Digital Runners used Anaxee’s application to monitor and record data on the EVs’ electricity consumption. The application facilitated the capture of photographs of the adaptor, meter readings, the EVs, and their owners to ensure data accuracy and authenticity.

This unique data collection technology enabled seamless daily monitoring and data recording. The application was crucial for capturing comprehensive data points, including:

  – Electricity consumption readings.

  – Distance traveled by the EVs.

  – Visual confirmation through pictures.


The collected data provided valuable insights into the electricity consumption of EVs, which is helpful for the client to claim carbon credits.

By supporting the use of electric vehicles, the survey promotes a reduction in carbon footprint, cleaner air, and sustainable transportation solutions.

Anaxee’s survey in Rajasthan and Delhi showcases the effective use of technology and fieldwork to gather essential data on electric vehicle usage. This initiative not only supports environmental sustainability but also aids in the efficient claiming of carbon credits, driving further adoption of electric vehicles.