Clean cooking solutions in rural communities

May 15 2024

Anaxee has implemented several CSR projects to make a positive impact, as well as carbon projects aimed at maximizing carbon credits for its customers. Similarly, Anaxee has implemented improved cookstove-related carbon and CSR projects, addressing the significant challenges faced in achieving clean cooking solutions in rural communities.

In the heart of rural India, where two-thirds of our population resides, lies a challenge that often goes unnoticed – the traditional three-stone stove. Despite government initiatives promoting clean fuel schemes, many families still rely on these raw stoves to prepare their daily meals.

These Traditional Stoves pose health and environmental risks. They require excessive amounts of wood, emit harmful smoke, and contribute to deforestation. Moreover, women often bear the burden of collecting wood from forests, facing challenges, especially during the rainy season.

At Anaxee Digital Runners Pvt. Ltd. we embarked on a mission to introduce advanced cookstoves to rural communities. These modern- Improved Cookstoves, designed with efficiency and sustainability in mind, offer a viable alternative to traditional cooking methods.

The Improved cookstoves, equipped with innovative designs, require less wood and produce minimal smoke. With a focus on maximizing energy efficiency, these stoves ensure that cooking is faster and more environmentally friendly. Importantly, they also reduce the health risks associated with indoor air pollution, benefiting the entire family.

Recognizing the financial constraints faced by many rural households, we have made these Improved cookstoves accessible through carbon projects. By carbon financing, we are able to provide these stoves at nominal fees to those in need.

Anaxee Digital Runners has been implementing improved cookstove projects across India with transparency and integrity. Through data-driven approaches, we ensure that these stoves reach the right beneficiaries and are utilized effectively. Our commitment to sustainability extends beyond distribution – we also provide ongoing support to ensure the proper usage and maintenance of these cookstoves.

To date, we have successfully delivered more than 1.25 lakh advanced cookstoves to rural communities, with our efforts continuing to expand. Each stove represents not only a cleaner cooking solution but also a step towards empowering rural households and protecting our environment.